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Vibrant Variety K-Tip Hair Extension

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Natural and Versatile Keratin-fused Hair Extensions, also known as K-tip or fusion are individual extensions that are applied using a heating tool which safely softens the Keratin bond onto your own hair. Available in many colors, our keratin hair extensions create a strong, secure bond.

Our hair extensions are made of the best quality 100% full cuticle remy human hair.   

Why choose K-tip hair extensions:

1. The keratin tips are small and lightweight, making them virtually undetectable. The keratin tips are designed to mimic the look of natural hair strands, and when applied correctly, they blend seamlessly with your own hair. 

2. K-tip hair extensions are long lasting. The keratin tips are attached to your natural hair using a heat fusion method, which creates a strong bond.

3.  K-tip extensions offer versatility in terms of styling options. Since the extensions are attached close to the roots of your hair, you can style them just like your natural hair. You can curl, straighten, and even color the extensions to achieve the desired look.

4. When applied and removed correctly by a professional hairstylist, K-tip extensions should not cause significant damage to your natural hair. The keratin tips are gentle on the hair and provide a secure bond without pulling or tugging excessively.

Length: 14
Length: 14

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