Real Human Hair Extensions: Untangling the Myths

Real Human hair Extensions FNLongLocksLet’s Get One Thing Straight

The most important point a stylist should review with a client considering hair extensions is the care of long hair. The biggest change for clients is not just having extensions, but realizing that long hair requires more care and proper maintenance.

Real Hair is “Human”

Real human hair extensions behave like … well, real hair. When your client chooses FNLongLocks Remy hair extensions, she is selecting the top quality hair extension product on the market.

Our human hair extensions are virtually unidentifiable because they are real hair. But that means that hair extensions blowing in the wind, after swimming or exercise, and even while sleeping, will get tangled just like naturally long hair.

Long Hair Extensions FNLongLocksLong Hair Fitness

Clients need to know that taking care of long hair is more time consuming than average length or short hair. But proper care of long hair will result in stronger, healthier hair, and proper care of hair extensions will give them a longer life.

Provide clients tips for keeping long hair and human hair extensions in great shape:

  1. Use a towel to gently blot water from hair after washing. Don’t rub hair extensions dry with a towel. This will cause hair to tangle.
  2. Gently start detangling hair from the bottom up. Don’t pull hair.
  3. Use the special FNLongLocks extension brush before and after washing extensions. Always avoid the fusion bond.
  4. Only apply recommended conditioner from the middle of the strand to the end. Avoid all conditioners near the scalp and bond area.
  5. Use hair dryers on cool and low settings. Extreme heat and irresponsible care will ruin hair and extensions.
  6. Sleep with hair gently tied back, not too tight.
  7. Just like natural hair sheds, real human hair extensions have a limited life. Clients need to know hair extensions will need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Clients appreciate knowing the requirements of maintaining long hair and hair extensions in advance. Stylists who set the right expectations will have happy hair extension clients.

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