Wine Red Hair Extensions


Natural and Versatile Keratin-fused Hair Extensions. Available in many colors, our keratin hair extensions create a strong, secure bond.

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FNlonglocks Wine Red Hair Extensions:

  • 100% human remy
  • keratin bonds
  • 20 strands

Strand by Strand:

FNlonglocks Hair Extensions bond to the hair in a strand by strand method, versatile 360 degrees of natural hair movement for every client. Perfect color customizing is easily achieved with the individual strand by strand method.  Ideal for any hairstyle, up or down, strand by strand extensions offer unlimited style and color potential. The Fusion method uses an keratin-tip bond to attach an extension to the existing hair.  The tip is placed into position on a small section of the clients hair and heated with an hair extension iron.  Using her fingers, a stylist forms the warm keratin bond around the existing hair  until it cools, stabilizes, and bonds. The bond completely encases the hair looking like a grain of rice.

Long Lasting: 

FNlonglocks  Fusion Hair Extensions  are semi-permanent extensions that last from 3-6 months depending upon quality of care and rate of hair growth. Fusion extensions are removed using a special  liquid bond removal agent to remove the extensions.

How Keratin Benefits Hair Extensions


Each package of Wine Red FNlonglocks Hair Extensions include 20 strands of hair. Each strand of hair is 100% remy and hasn’t been treated or processed beyond its coloring and moisturizing. This ensures top quality hair and the most competitive price.

Natural: Unlike plastic or metal beaded extension methods, the keratin bonds fuse directly to the strands of the client’s hair. This ensures the most natural looking hair that clients will love. FNlonglocks Fusion Hair Extension strand by strand method is a professional product. It should only be used by those who have been trained to install and remove Fusion hair extensions. Hair care professionals easily learn the FNlonglocks "fusion" method and quickly become extension experts.

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