Am I a Good Candidate for Hair Extensions? The Stylist Consultation

Ideal Hair for Hair Extensions

Ideal Hair for Hair Extensions – Hair touches the shoulders BEFORE any layers start in the hair.

A Consultation with a Client is a Must Before Hair Extensions

At FNLongLocks, we train stylists to conduct a proper hair extension consultation with each client prior to installing a full head of hair extensions.

You don’t want to have both the consultation and full hair extension installation on the same day. This is a big decision and a major change for your client.

To insure you have a happy hair extension customer, first take the time to make sure extensions are the right fit for your client!

If the colors required for your client are not popular, you will want to have the hair extension consultation prior to even “ordering” extensions for a new client.

During your consultation, start by allowing the client to see and feel the hair extensions in your hair. If a client meets the criteria of a good hair extension client, you can offer to add a piece, so she can experience the extension in her own hair, or start with several pieces before the client commits to a full head of extensions. Piecework is a great way to initiate your clients, and for marketing hair extensions.

“Am I a Good Candidate for Hair Extensions?”

The ideal hair extension client wants to add length, thickness, texture or color. Adding high or low-lights, or novelty colors, with extensions is a great way to prevent damage to a client’s own hair!

A client’s hair length and lifestyle are some of the most important considerations for a successful hair extension result.

Short Hair and Hair Extensions

Too Short for Hair Extensions

Hair Length: Too Short for Hair Extensions

You cannot add fusion natural hair extensions to hair that is less than 4 to 5-inches in length. Short hair, especially layered short hair, will need to grow out to at least chin length, before the client can add our FNLongLocks Remy hair extensions.

Hair Layers: Some Are Too Short for Hair Extensions

Layered Hair - Not Good for Hair Extensions if Too High Up the Head

Layered Hair is a Maybe – If layers are cut too high up the head, the hair may not be ready for hair extensions.

Even though hair may appear to be the right length, it may be layered too high up the head, and therefore, also not suitable for hair extensions. Stylists should find the shortest layer, and then make an evaluation.

Long layers, however, are suitable for hair extensions.

A Client’s Lifestyle Impacts the Decision for Hair Extensions

Clients who exercise every day, and/or want to wash their hair every day, may not be good candidates for hair extensions. Talk to your client about her daily activities, and options like dry shampoo. Does she swim on a regular basis? Then she would not be a good candidate for hair extensions.

Even naturally long hair has its limitations. We’ve untangled the myths about having long hair and human hair extensions in a previous post.

Make Your Client Aware of Maintenance and Product Costs for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an investment. They require regular upkeep, replacement, and special products. Does your client have the budget to maintain her FNLongLocks hair extensions properly?

Give your client a realistic expectation of her hair extension costs for an entire year.

FNLongLocks Hair Extension Brush

Extensions require a hair brush specifically designed for hair extensions. Stylists can order brushes from

Depending on the client, hair extensions will need to be replaced every two to four months. Very few clients can last four months without replacing extensions. FNLongLocks Remy human hair extensions are real hair and the best quality hair extensions, but they are not “living” hair. Hair will naturally fall out, and need to be replaced.

If your client has an active lifestyle, she has the option to dry shampoo between regular hair washing. Clients should factor in these dry shampoo products, an extension brush and not skimp on the quality shampoos and conditioners she will need for the best hair extension results.

Fine Hair vs. Losing or Thinning Hair

Fine hair can be beautifully enhanced with hair extensions. Clients with fine hair love our FNLongLocks hair extensions for the added thickness they provide. Even some clients who are losing their hair can benefit wonderfully with our natural extensions.

However, hair that is thinning at the crown is not suitable for hair extensions. You cannot bond extensions to hair so thin the bonds will show. You also cannot get good hair extension results if the hair is so severely damaged that it cannot hold the bond.

Allergies and Medical Conditions

Make sure your client does not have any allergies to adhesives, or, if she has any medical conditions, she should check with her doctor.

In summary, a good candidate for our hair extensions has hair that is the right length, a lifestyle that complements having long hair, and is willing to incur the expense of quality extensions for quality results for the long term. Although she may have fine hair, it is not so thin or damaged that it cannot hold the bond, and she has checked with her doctor if she has any medical conditions. Now you are on your way to a happy hair extension client!

What other questions do you have about consulting with your clients about hair extensions? Please add questions to the comments below, and we will address them in a future FNLongLocks blog post!


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