The Celebrity Hair Secret: Hair Extensions

The Celebrity Hair Secrets: Hair Extensions


Ever wonder how Resse Witherspoon goes from a bob to beautiful long locks? How is Kim Kardashian  able to maintain perfect long, full of volume hair extensions even after the bleach blonde hair?

They were not born this way

Yes, celebrities wear have long locks!  Being under the media spot light all the time, celebrities need to maintain, enhance or at times change their overall gorgeous looks.

FNLonglocks are widely used by many celebrities to enhance their features, and no, they don’t always admit this. The well kept secret is made possible using different types of hair extensions.

From hair pieces, fusion, or tape in hair extensions, stylists try different methods to add that extra appeal  creating an overall gorgeous and flawless appearance. Some celebrities even pay their hair stylists up to $95,000 per year just to get their hair done right.

Hair extensions can cost a lot, especially if they are long and made up of human hair. The longer the hair, the more they cost. In addition the more hair used to thicken or color choices will add cost.

Most stylists prefer permanent hair extensions like FN Longlocks as they are easier to apply with natural keratin bonds and easier to remove compared with other brands using cheaper acrylic bonds.

Never compromise on quality. Cheap hair is never a good thing.  The best advice is to stick to the best hair extension brands known for quality and value. If you want to have that sexy professional celebrity look, you have to pay the part to look the part. Our hair extensions come from the best parts of the world! Trust us we went there to make sure!

The everyday girl can also achieve gorgeous celebrity hair extension looks using FN LongLocks! Ask your stylist today and be transformed tomorrow.


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