Before Hair Extensions: A Consultation Checklist for Stylists

Consult with Your Client “Before” Installing Hair Extensions

Young woman selecting the right shade of hair extensions at the salon

A private, in-depth conversation is an essential part of your client’s consultation for hair extensions. Make sure your client has a positive hair extension experience –– follow our Consultation Checklist!

5 Point Checklist

1. Set an appointment to meet with your client to discuss extensions in advance of installing hair extensions – not on the same day!

2. Determine if the client is a good candidate for hair extensions. In addition to evaluating the client’s hair, discuss your client’s lifestyle, daily activities, frequency of shampooing, etc. See our post on “Am I a Good Candidate for Hair Extensions?”

3. Find out your client’s expectations: full head, partial, length, thickness, color, etc.

  • Show the client how different lengths will look by holding various extension lengths on the client’s head. 14-inch hair on one client may fall on the shoulders, whereas, 14-inch hair on another client may reach the bust line.FNLonglocks_Color_Ring-859x1024
  • Use an FNLongLocks Color Ring to select color choices with the client. Our color ring is the most accurate way to match colors, and ensure your client is happy with the color choice. Note that computer monitors vary dramatically, and color hues cannot be determined from online photos.


For a new client, you will want to have the hair extension consultation prior to even “ordering” extensions. Use the FNLongLocks Color Ring.

4. Discuss special maintenance required for hair extensions –– just like naturally long hair. Read “Real Human Hair Extensions: Untangling the Myths”.

  • Discuss proper hair care and tools required for extensions including the special extension brush.
  • Explain that even though hair extensions are real hair, they are no longer connected to the follicle, and do not receive the benefit of natural oils like your own hair. Therefore, extensions will need to be nourished with proper hair care products regularly. Certain hair care products will need to be avoided including those containing sulfates or alcohol. Clients will also need to know to avoid conditioners and heat on bond areas.
  • Review FNLongLocks recommended products including our own Dry Shampoo and Thermal Shine Protectant.

5. Set expectations. Give the client a realistic expectation of how long extensions last. Real hair is fragile, will tangle and shed. Proper maintenance can help extend the life of extensions, and protect the client’s investment.

  • Explain that hair extensions cannot be reused, and that old extensions will need to be removed professionally before a new set is installed.
  • Discuss estimated pricing and upkeep for hair extensions.

Why follow the FNLongLocks Consultation Checklist?

Stylists who follow the FNLongLocks Consultation Checklist understand and set client expectations for hair extensions. The results are happy long term extension clients. FNLongLocks hair extensions are real human hair – the best quality Remy extensions – that require proper care and maintenance – just like naturally long hair.


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